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The best type of January blues

After a fun filled two weeks over Christmas with our friends and family we are back in the relative tranquillity of Spain. It rained every single day while we were in the UK so faced with 20 degrees and endless sunshine we decided to head to the beach. Not to kill the January blues but to find them, the blue sea and the blue sky.

We parked up in Guardemar del Segura which is the closest beach town to us. Before we knew it, we found ourselves in a huge wooded dune area criss-crossed with walking paths. The sun was beating down on us, we didn’t even need jackets! Of course, every man and his dog were out walking their respective dogs and owners.

When we finally reached the ocean, we were greeted by people lying on the beach in bikinis. Not bad going for January! Ahhh, the ocean, you can’t beat the sounds and smell.

No chance of feeling depressed here. Now maybe some Rioja on the balcony? Oh, go on then…

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Alex likes travelling, technology, coffee, chocolate, partying, watching sport, sleeping, and was a cat person until convinced of the loveliness of dogs by his beautiful wife Bronwyn.


  1. That is sooo not fair!!! It is meant to be winter!!!

    You lucky fishes!!

  2. Jealous….moi? (Well, yes actually).

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