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The Amazing Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is not far from Sorrento and makes an excellent day trip. As it is one of Italy’s main natural attractions, every man and his horse offers some kind of coach package to Amalfi but we decided to buck the system and just jump on a local bus to the coast.

Top Tip: For a mere €12 for a return, you can catch the local stopping bus service to the Amalfi Coast. The buses are excellent and feel more like a coach than a bus. They also run every hour which is handy!

The drive along the Amalfi Coast is so awe-inspiring. Alex and I found ourselves going ohhh and ahhh around just about every corner. The coast itself is peppered with rocky islands and pristine beaches that make some of Croatia’s beaches pale in comparison. It is that beautiful. The views looking down from the bus are spectacular however I think the views looking up from a boat would be the best way to see this slice of nature at its best. We have added this to our to do list for next time.

If the views of the coast don’t blow you away, the bus ride certainly will. Let’s put it this way, the road is only wide enough for one car or bus but amazingly it is used as a two-way system. This means that all drivers need to honk their hooters when approaching EVERY corner to alert other drivers of their approach and hopefully avoid a head-on collision! Umm…not the most settling thought as your bus trundles along the cliff.

The town of Amalfi was our end destination although admittedly we did not stay as long as we thought we would. The town is set against a mountain and is stunningly beautiful when looking at it from the pier, but when you get into the town itself, you soon realize that it is solely built for tourism. It is so commercialized and very expensive to a point that it has lost its Italian authenticity.

So we literally had a coffee and hopped on the bus for the hair-raising journey back to Sorrento. Our return journey was made doubley-fun as there were no seats so we had to stand all the way home.

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  1. Man that view!! it looks amazing! Think need to add italy back on the list of Attractions this year! So much to see and do!

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