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Sorrento: A campsite with a view

After hightailing it out of Pompeii, Alex and I were in desperate need of a shower that we wouldn’t have to share with local dogs. We had heard so much about Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast and thought that we would stay in the area for a few days.

Wow! We were not expecting what was waiting for us. For starters, our campsite had the most amazing view of Mount Vesuvius across the bay. We were completely captivated by the beauty of this view and drank it in every morning over breakfast. Imagine waking up every morning and looking out of your window to see this great giant staring at you. INCREDIBLE! We loved it so much that our few days turned into 10 days in Sorrento.

Sorrento itself was an interesting stop and possibly the most un-Italian part of our Italian experience. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it really is more of a British colony. The high street is lined with pubs selling Ale and fish and chips (with mushy peas)! English football was everywhere so needless to say Alex had found his happy place. The best part about all of this is that the local supermarket was selling Heinz baked beans…which I will add that we ate twice on toast. Delish!

Most of our time in Sorrento was divided between working and soaking up some of the very English atmosphere of Sorrento. We watched football until it came out of our ears! Somehow, we even ended up in an “Inbetweeners” style English nightclub dancing to the likes of Dizzy Rascal and Rhianna until the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, no photographs were taken that night!

But despite being an English colony, Sorrento does still offer the best of Italy with its great Gelaterias and Pizza Restaurants. My tastebuds are getting excited just thinking about it. One of the gelaterias that we went to had over 50 flavours of gelato on offer! We had to exercise major self-restraint and only have two scoops each.

All of this aside, the one thing about Sorrento that Alex and I will always remember is the pizza vending machine. Now this is not just any old pizza vending machine…no no no. This vending machine is an authentic Italian design as after inserting your 5 euros, it makes you a fresh pizza from scratch. This amazing machine actually makes the dough, rolls it out and then adds the fresh tomato sauce and cheese, not forgetting the basil topping. All of this is done in front of you so that you can actually see it being made. My life is now complete!

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  1. Thats amazing! Iwant my very own vending machine! the answer to all my problems!

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